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Star Wars Icons and Graphics

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Star Wars Icons and Graphics
This is a Star Wars icon and graphics community made to replace the deleted starwarsicons.

All Star Wars icons and graphics are welcome, whether they are made using images from the films, TV shows, games, comics, books, etc. You can also post icons of the actors from the Star Wars universe. You can post icons, header images, banners, mood themes, colorbars, wallpapers, fan art - anything Star Wars.

If you received an invitation to join this community, it's probably because you were a member of starwarsicons or another Star Wars icon community.

- No hotlinking.

- No spamming. Promoting communities and icontests is allowed as long as it's Star Wars related.

- Always credit the iconmaker if you take.

- Show no more than 3 icons as a preview in your entry. Put the rest under an LJ-cut or in a linked entry in your journal.

- Please try to tag your entries with the appropriate tags. This makes it easier for people to find icons they are looking for. Here is a list of tags you can use; if you need a tag that's not there, comment and we'll add it. (But if you aren't sure, don't worry about it - the mods will tag your post.)

Overall, just have fun sharing and browsing Star Wars icons. :)

If you would like to help promote this community, we would be very grateful.

If you are looking for more Star Wars icons, check out _starwarsicons_ and the Graphics/Icons section of old jedi_news issues.

If you are looking for active Star Wars icontests (iconmaking contests): starwars_lims, anakin_icontest, leiastillness, obiwanstillness, starwars_365, starwars20in20, sw_eu_icontest

If you are looking for general Star Wars communities/discussion: starwars, star_wars_fans, jedi_news, sw_meta

If you are looking for Star Wars fanfiction: sw_fictorium, starwars_fanfic, swrecs

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all icons and graphics in this community were made from images from the Star Wars franchise and are copyright © Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars and all elements that comprise it are the sole and exclusive property and registered trademark of Lucasfilm. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Lucasfilm or any of its subsidiaries, employees, or associates. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
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